Mark Anielski, B.A., BScF, MScFE President & CEO Anielski Management Inc.

Mark is a economic entrepreneur specializing in measuring well-being and happiness of nations, communities and businesses. He is a graduate of the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Economics (1981) and Forests Science (1984), and obtained a Masters in Science in Forest Economics (1991). For ten years (2003-2012) he was the founding professor of corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship for graduate (MBA) students at the University of Alberta’s School of Business. He has lectured internationally and taught the economics of happiness and well-being at universities in Canada, the US, China and Austria.

He is the author of the best-selling book The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth, which was released in China in 2010.  In 2008, his book won the gold medal in the Conscious Business and Leadership category at the Los Angeles Nautilus Book Awards. The book also won a bronze medal at the Axiom Book Awards in New York in the category of economics. In 2008 Alberta Venture magazine named him one of Alberta’s 50 most influential people.

He has served as an economic strategist and advisor to governments, business, non-profits, financial institutions (investment banking) in Canada, the US, Europe, China, Bhutan and Tahiti. His intuitive analytic skills combines the best of economics, accounting and forest ecology into a new form of economic analysis that focuses on well-being impacts and well-being value investment. For 25 years he has dedicated his time in service to building a new economy based on well-being.

He believes passionately that what we measure reveals of true values. Genuine value investment and decision making should be focused on answering the question: what is the expected well-being impact? He believes that our measures of success should be focused on well-being, people, the planet and then financial profitability.

He is currently developing a new generation of Well-being Impact analytic tools to support social impact value investing, workplace well-being, community asset development, and a new generation of what Mark calls Well-being Corporations. He is currently working with a new generation of  investment bankers in London and the U.S. on the development community asset-based well-being funds investment supported by Well-being Impact analytic tools that assesses and verifies the highest and best use of natural, human and social capital asset.

In 2012 Mark co-founded the Genuine Wealth Inc., an economic policy think-tank dedicated to the development and application of the Genuine Wealth model that measures the well-being impact of public policies, community asset development and sustainable businesses.

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