i³ Integral Imapct Investment impact Venn diagram


The Centre for Integral Finance and Economics (CIFE) was founded as a research community for collaborative creativity and integral development in Finance and to act as a catalyst for organisations that want to create effective and sustainable change and development.

We are a group of senior professionals applying diverse and complementary perspectives to a broad variety of issues in Finance. We create better and grounded outcomes for communities and organisations who are emerging from more conventional paradigms and have reached a point where they understand that new ways of thinking are required to solve today’s challenges.

Our main collaboration is currently with a fund management company, to whom we are providing research support in developing the method and methodology for Integral Impact Investments (I³) 

CIFE is preparing a forthcoming book on I³ that is expected to be published in 2019. ( Please download : A summary introduction to I3 A summary introduction to I3  Please find other publications on our publications page. We held our inaugural integral finance research conference in 2018 at St:Columbas House in Woking, UK with participation from across the Trans4M global network.

New Pod Cast discussing Impact Investing and the Economics of Wellbeing.